We are an expert company specialised in refining technologies for fuel wood and biomass. We offer you expert services related to processing of fuel wood:

  • Studies and analyses
  • Engineering and designing
  • Projecting

Our goal is to enhance and increase the usage of renewable fuel wood for energy generation and to improve the quality of biofuels.

Our comprehensive solutions are case-specifically optimised to improve your energy efficiency and to increase the overall efficiency of your plant. The innovative processing technologies enable more effective utilisation of raw materials and fuels.

Processing of wood-based raw materials

Our integrated solutions for pretreatment of biobased raw materials, such as forest residues, wood chips and bark, include:

  • Crushing
  • Drying
  • Grinding
  • Screening

Improving the fuel quality

The quality of the fuel is the most important factor affecting the combustion quality and emissions formed in the furnace. By optimising the fuel quality to meet the requirements of the boiler plant, the efficiency of the plant is maximised and the fuel consumption is reduced.

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Biofuel production

The reliability of the boiler, especially in small- and medium-sized power plants, depends mainly on the quality of the fuel. Fuels of good and uniform quality ensure undisturbed operation, steady combustion, higher efficiency and reduced emissions.

Dry and homogeneous fuel wood is produced efficiently and economically in centralised refining terminals. These terminals guarantee their customers year-round reliable fuel deliveries.

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Biorefining processes

The physical and chemical properties of biomass can be modified with different thermal refining processes. In processes, such as gasification and liquefaction, unwanted components from the biomass are separated or removed, and the energy density of the biofuel is increased. By increasing the energy density, the transportation and handling costs of the fuel are remarkably decreased.

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